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Please note that email remains the quickest and best way to contact us.

Toll Free: 866.776.8256
Toll Free Fax: 866.803.2271
Local Number: 284.495.1931

Marina and Dockage

Pro Valor Charters is back at:

 The James Young Marina (JYM) (also known as the Chalwell Dock)

Slip-Rental Rates


Monohulls:  $1.00/ft., $40.00 minimum
Catamarans:  $1.50/ft., $50.00 minimum
Water:  $.150/gallon
Fuel:  $5.50/gallon (price subject to change -- dispensed @ end of charter)
Air Conditioning:  $20.00/day

Marina is conveniently located near the Beef Island Airport (EIS) which is just two miles away ($8-$10/person taxi ride).  Within walking distance and strides away from the Rite Way Grocery Store which is open Monday-Saturday 7:00 AM-9:00 PM and Sunday 7:30 AM-7:00 PM.

We are open Monday thru Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Sunday as necessary.  If we're not in the office, our cell phone numbers are posted on the front office door. Please call as we are typically out on the dock.  For your convenience, taxi drive phone numbers are also posted in our front office window as well as the phone number for all boat phones for the boats in our charter fleet.

We do not accept deliveries or appointments on Mondays as we have limited staff and often find ourselves in town running errands.  We also do not have charter ends on Sunday afternoons or charter starts/ends on Mondays.  We are learning in this business that we must have one day in the week that's available to us for administrative details. We hope this doesn't affect your ability to charter with us and that you find charter start/end from Tuesday thru Sunday morning to work into your vacation schedule.

Our fax machine operates 24 hours a day.  The best way to contact us still remains by e-mail or cell.  We check e-mail many times during the day both at home and the office.  E-mail probably results in the quickest response time from our end.  We carry cell phones with us at all times -- Jim using his as our primary means of communication.  We do not monitor VHF, leaning on our cells phones and those issued to our charter guests to stay in contact.

There are several restaurants within close proximity to our docks - some by foot or dinghy while others require a taxi.  You may enjoy Emile's Restaurant or Red Rock Restaurant & Lounge located at the Penn's Landing (access by dinghy or three blocks' walk). Red Rock offers all PVC guests a free rum drink with dinner provided reservations are made in advance.  Just tell them your boat name and mention Jim/Cecilia at Pro Valor Charters.

If you're up for a taxi ride, you'd certainly enjoy the Tamarind Club.  As mentioned earlier, Trellis Bay is just two miles away where you will enjoy De Loose Mongoose, Cyber Cafe or D Best Cup for a meal (and a great cup of coffee).

DeDe's Car Rental is located in close proximity to both marinas.  You may contact them at 1-284-495-2041,  They will deliver the car to the marina at which time you'll make a quick return to their offices to fill out paperwork.  Ask at DeDe's for your PVC discount mentioning that you're a charter guest with us.  We are closer to, and tend to use more often, DeDe's.  We find DeDe's a true pleasure to work with and are confident you will too!

Taxi into Road Town is about $8-$10/person each way or you may catch the shuttle for $2.00/person each way.  The $2.00 taxi isn't as regular in coming by East End; however, those that know the routine might be able to offer advice.

We have laundry facilities at the James Young Marina.  Prices for wash are $2.00/load and $.25/dry.  They have a coin changer right on the premises (although it's never a bad idea to bring your own detergent and quarters).  

There are also many churches in the immediate area, all within walking distance.

A money machine is located just one block east of the JYM Dock at Thelma's.  Otherwise, you'd have to walk/taxi to the Beef Island (EIS) Airport, stop at H. Lavity Stout College or go into Road Town to the financial district.

Internet service for guests is limited on East End though you may find service at some of the restaurants in the area.  Penn's Landing at Red Rock offers free wifi provided you order something to eat/drink while using their wifi.

ICE:  20# bags of ice for $6.00.  Blocks of ice are not available here on East End. 

We have 10 mooring balls in front of the James Young Marina for overnight rental of $30.00.  Rent should be made at Pro Valor Charters' offices, or call     1-284-340-7258 (Jim).  If you hang onto your receipt and charter with us at a future date, we will reimburse you the $30.00.  There is also a chance one of the guys might come right to your boat in a dinghy to collect the $30.00 and offer a receipt.

Garbage disposal can be made at Penn's Lending where a large dumpster is located as you walk east toward Penn's Landing facility.  Penn's Landing is a two-block walk or dinghy ride away from HBV or JYM.  There is no disposal for garbage at either the JYM or HBV unless you walk down the road to dispose of the garbage yourself.  You are best to dinghy into Penn's Landing and walk next door.  Pro Valor Charters does dispose of garbage for all our charter guests.

If you're looking for overnight dockage (call in advance 1-284-495-1931) or overnight at a mooring ball, James Young Marina offers the most reasonable rates on the island.