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Please note that email remains the quickest and best way to contact us.

Toll Free: 866.776.8256
Toll Free Fax: 866.803.2271
Local Number: 284.495.1931

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MONOHULLS:  Beneteaus (32, 36, 39 (3), 40, 43 (2), 47 (2), 54 ft.)
Roller fuling head sails -- All are stack-pack mains

CATAMARANS:  Lagoon 410 S2 (41 ft.) R&C Leopard (38, 40, 42, 43 (4), 46 ft.)

A/C:  The yachts in our fleet that have air conditioning are:

Al Vento - Beneteau 54
Dancing Days - R&C Leopard 46
No Worries - Lagoon 410 S2 (owner's version)

The following yachts have DOCK-SIDE ONLY air conditioning:

Citation - Beneteau 43 Oceanis
Emerald Ayes - R&C Leopard 380
Forever Young - Beneteau 40
Inn Harmony - Beneteau 473
Kastor Pollux - R&C Leopard 43
Midnight Song - Beneteau 473
Moonshine - R&C Leopard 43
Nine Dragons - Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 409
Outta Space - R&C Leopard 43
The Life - R&C Leopard 43
Wild Irish Rose II - Beneteau 43 Oceanis

CHARTER SET-UP:  All bareboat charter yachts are set up with linens as follows:

Each cabin is dressed for two people with two bath towels, two hand towels and two face cloths, along with one flat, one fitted sheet and two pillows with cases.  Explained in another way, this amounts to one bath, one hand and one wash cloth per person per week.  All cabins are dressed -- ready for you when you've had enough sun, sand and water for the day!  You receive one set of linens per week of charter.  If you charter the yacht for 14 days, you'll receive the yacht dressed for week one and a second set of linens will be on board in a mesh bag ready for switching over whenever you desire.

For those guests who are "towel snobs" (just kidding!), additional linens are available for a small rental fee.  We do not place blankets on board -- although they are available in Pro Valor Charter's office simply for the asking.  Also, beach towels may be rented for $3.00/towel.  Most people find that beach towels take up too much room in their suitcase and thus rent a beach towel from us -- saving more room in your suitcase or duffle bag for souvenirs to take home.

The galley/salon area has two dish towels, two wash cloths, an oven mitt and hot pad and two floor rugs and a fully-equipped galley (dishes, silverware and pots/pans, untensils).

Extra linens are available as follows (remember boat is dressed with linens and delivered to you ready to climb into bed!) -- these requests are just additional towels (should you choose):

Beach Towels - $3.00/towel

Blankets - $0.00 charge - one per cabin

Cabin Set-Up:  $15.00/cabin (includes one fitted, one flat, two pillow cases, two bath towels, two hand towels and two wash cloths)

Any items pre-arranged will be loaded onto the boat for you -- saving you some running up/down the dock allowing you to get out sailing quicker!!!

The yacht also has a charcoal grill (with the exception of Dancing Days, Inn Harmony, Kastor Pollux, Midnight Song, Moonshine, No Worries, Outta Space and The Life who have LP grills -- we have propane tanks for sale in our office @ $13/bottle), first aid kit, flashlight, navigation and safety equipment, cockpit bimini, cockpit cooler, dinghy/outboard (with cable and lock), ground tackle/windlass, roller furling, lazy-jack mainsails, hot/cold water systems, emergency cell phones, stereos and all necessary instrumentation.  All boats use either an FM transmitter or a 1/8" jack to play music (both of which we have in our office if it's not already on board in the nav station).

All boats come filled with water and fuel.  When you return from charter we refuel.  At present the charge is $5.00/gallon.

Dinghies:  All yachts are delivered with a dinghy, cable, lock & motor.  We encourage that the dinghy is locked at all times (even when you sleep at night).  Dinghies range in size from 10 to 12 ft. and are Caribe or AB.  Motors are Yamahas, Tahatsus & Mercury and range in HP from 8 HP to 15 HP.  Motor and dinghy size are determined by the vessel that you charter as well as number of guests on board.

DELIVERY:  Yacht is delivered at 1:00 PM for charter or 3:00 PM when the first night is a sleep aboard.  Those guests arriving before 5:00 PM (ish) will be greeted by staff of Pro Valor Charters at the Harbour View Marina.  We will see you to the yacht as well as give you a quick briefing to get thru the night.  Details regarding the basic layout of the area will be offered.  A more detailed briefing (lasting about an hour) will be given in the morning.  We start work at 8:00 AM and are ready to do the briefing just as soon as all on board are awake.

LAST NIGHT:  The last night of charter is not considered a sleep aboard as you will have the yacht from 1:00 PM the prior day to 11:00 AM the next.  You may return to the dock early for check-out the day before you're flying out if you have early flight.  For "day before" check out and refuel, we ask that you are back to the dock by 4:00 PM allowing us to take care of you before we depart for the day.

LATE-NIGHT ARRIVALS: Those guests arriving late at night will find a welcome note on the office front door as well as welcome aboard details on the yacht.  The lights will be on along with a Lime boat phone and keys left for you for the restrooms/showers at the James Young Chalwell Marina (on East End, turn into our marina at A-Value grocery store). Details of restaurants will be left for you as well.  We also offer to pick up a few items for your late night arrival provided we know in advance. Common requests are:  water, soda, beer, ice, snacks, cheese, etc.

NAVIGATION BROCHURES: The nav station is set up with a VI Cruising Guide, Virgin Anchorages and a laminated BVI Cruising Guide Map along with miscellaneous maps, magazines and brochures of the BVI and USVI area.

Our sailing territory, per insurance, is BVI including Anegada and USVI excluding St. Croix.

FOR SALE: We also sell the Cruising Guide ($34.95), Virgin Anchorages ($29.95) and BVI Laminated Map ($10.00) in our office.  We also have a guitar for rental of $50.00/charter (and a security deposit of $200.00 which is returned when the guitar comes back to us in great working order).  Pro Valor Charters has also wearables for sale in the office: hats (32 colors), t-shirts (16 colors), tanks and miscellaneous other provisioning items.  If you buy a t-shirt ($20) and hat ($16) (value $36) at the same time, we will discount that to $28.50.

SNORKEL GEAR: Snorkel equipment is available for your use free of charge so long as it's returned to us at the end of charter.  Most guests tend to bring their own snorkel and mask and borrow the fins from us. That tends to work out best for our guests as they are able to use their own mouth pieces.  We do bleach all gear upon return from charter prior the the next guests' arrival/use.  We ask that you check them out and back in at the front office with Cecilia or Camique.

YACHT SET-UP/PROVISIONING: All PVC charter yachts are set up as bareboats -- all provisioning is done by charter guests.  Yachts are delivered with a roll of toilet paper per head, two boxes of matches and garbage bags to start you off in the bathroom and galley.  All other items as needed are purchased by charter guests.

Provisioning may be done thru Rite Way which is right next door.  Rite Way is open from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM (with the exception of Sunday when they are open 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM).  If you'd like to order ahead of time on-line, please ask Cecilia at  to e-mailthe order forms to you.  When done, e-mail to Anil at  Ask Anil for confirmation of receipt of the order (and cc Pro Valor when you submit your order).  All provisioning deliveries should be scheduled at a time when you are here to receive it. Pro Valor Charters does not accept provision orders.

As you know, Rite Way has buit some mega stores on the island within the last year and a half.  As a result, they are the place to shop.

Please also confirm to Pro Valor Charters at what date and time you've scheduled your delivery for -- we do not accept deliveries for our guests and request that you schedule the delivery for a time when you're here to receive the order.

BRIEFING: Charter briefings are done the morning of departure and take about one hour after your cruising, parks, VISAR and a Lime boat phone are issued.

We require all charter guests to take a boat phone as this is our means of communication with you should we incur inclement weather, have a message for you or you incur boat problems or have questions while out on charter.  We do not monitor VHF.

The cell phones work in the BVI only and not the USVI.  Minutes from BVI to US, Canada and most of Europe are running $.25/minute.  You are also free to "Top Up" and add more dollars ($5.00 minimum) by calling PVC or you'll see plenty of places around the islands at grocery stores, gift shops, gas stations, etc.  Digicel has created a nice presence in the BVI making Top Up easy.

BOAT PHONE: Here is a list of boat phone numbers for all boats in our fleet:
ADA:  1-284-540-2688
AL VENTO: 1-284-540-0522
CITATION: 1-284-540-9047
DANCING DAYS: 1-284-540-5165
EMERALD AYES: 1-284-540-7165
FOREVER YOUNG 1-284-543-5742
INN HARMONY: 1-284-544-0859
KASTOR POLLUX: 1-284-544-1275
LA MOROCHA:  1-284-544-1381
MAGGIE: 1-284-544-1396
MIDNIGHT SONG:  1-284-540-1462
MOONSHINE: 1-284-544-2034
NINE DRAGONS: 1-248-540-4733
NO WORRIES:  1-284-544-2067
OUTTA SPACE:  1-284-544-2329
PINTA:  1-284-544-2397
SALICA:  1-284-544-2629
TAN-A-NA II:  1-284-544-2653
THE LIFE:  1-284-544-5047
WILD IRISH ROSE II: 1-284-544-2679

Kayaks:  $140/Week up to 10 Days - all two-seaters
Stand-Up Paddleboard:  $200/Week up to 10 days

MiFi:  MiFi is available thru ALG Link. Ask PVC for price brochure and instructions (which are both included in the charter binder on board each yacht).  The following boats have MiFi unit installed on board -- you simply sign up and you're good to go.  All service supported by ALG Link (not PVC):  Citation, Dancing Days, Emerald Ayes, Forever Young, Inn Harmony, Midnight Song, Moonshine, Nine Dragons, No Worries, Outta Space, The Life, Wild Irish Rose II.

ICE: Ice (cubes only) is available thru Pro Valor Charters Monday thru Saturday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM for $6.00/20 lb. bag.

LUGGAGE: We encourage that you pack with soft luggage or in a duffel bag.  Pro Valor Charters is unable to store luggage for our guests due to space limitations.  Provided you pack in soft or duffle, you'll find many spots to tuck away your luggage on board the vessel you've chartered from us.

INSURANCE: Effective January 1, 2015, PVC will charge $20.00/Day x # days of charter (sleep aboards not included on this charge).  This fee is non-refundable.  We will also continue to run a pre-auth on the credit card in the amount of $2,000 at the time of charter start paperwork.  As you return from charter we will look the boat over during the debrief and refuel.  If there is a charge we would discuss the amount before running anything against the pre-auth.  Should something serious happen, the most you would be responsible for with the pre-auth would be $2,000 (at which time the owner's insurance kicks in).  Basically, you would be paying the deductible for us to file a claim to our insurance.  Provided the boat is return undamaged, the pre-auth is released (and this is the case for 99.9+% of our charters).